Week 18: Honoring the Miracle

I’m off to visit my dad for a few days.  Thanks to a certain airline that knows how to “shake it’s tail” for me, I scored tickets at one third the usual fare.  It’s a 9 hour drive or 2.5 hour flight each way.  And is always an enjoyable journey.

I’ve become possessed with the notion of putting my dad’s memoirs in written form, maybe even having them published.  My main focus is to have a record of his experiences to share with my children and grandchildren.  (yes this is part of my DMP).

Several years ago I gave my parents and Grandmother books in which to record their memories.  There are quite a few blank pages in the books so I decided to interview them.  Got a little more information, but not enough.  My grown children love hearing stories about themselves as children, and are just now finding interest in my memories.  So this is important.

We all have different life experiences, but some of his blew me away.  I found an old photo of a little boy with two huge mules.  Casually Dad commented that when he was around 6 years old, he and his older brother had their own team of mules for working the farm.   He barely stood as tall as the mule’s chest.  Here he is on his plow with the team of mules.

photo photo 1 (1)


Those were definitely different times.

One of the questions in the memory book that I put to Dad was, “what did you love most about your mother?”  His answer struck me as curious.  He pondered for a long time as if he didn’t understand the question.  His answer:  “Because she was my mother.”

“No, no Dad.  What special thing did she do, or something special that you liked about her?”   He again replied,  “Because she was my mother.”

To photo (2)this day that’s all he’d say.  I’ve thought about it a lot and his reply was totally accurate.  Her specialty in life was being a mother and wife, caring for her family and making sure they became independent productive people.  And that they did.

My grandmother was natures greatest miracle!

I was moved by Marks closing remarks in our Week 18 video.

WE ARE nature’s greatest miracle.  To honor our creator, we extent the miracle of our birth everyday by being a channel of gratitude and kindness, and being in 1st class service to other people.   Be the miracle, inspire miracles.




1 thought on “Week 18: Honoring the Miracle

  1. dillemasterkey

    Enjoyed your post and agree that memories are something we all should share. I have memories of my grandparents and parents that I have shared with my children and will do so with my grandchildren. Praying you’re enjoying your visit. Blessings!



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