Week 19: Getting It Down

I shopped the bargain table and picked up a small notebook this week.  The Paris motif is nice-I would have preferred something a little more English, but it holds my notes.  I found a good buy on a fountain pen, pencil set and decided to write out my readings, affirmations, and ideas in it.  It fits in my pocket book easily.  I enjoyed penning all the sayings and plan on adding lists from my index cards.  There is a purpose for this.note book

My Dad’s memoirs are a priority to me as he’s entered his 10th decade of life.  This along with Scroll V has really made an impact on me.  I want my little book entitled, “Live Your Life” (it came that way) to be found, discovered, snooped in and just basically read by those close to me.  I want them to see the words written (we know if it’s written it’s true) about how I feel about them, life, existence, gratitudes, loves, dreams, hopes and joys.  You get the idea.  If this is my last day,  I will have left some of my self-directed thoughts.

On that note,  I bumped my tablet off a lower shelf, it hits the heat register making a loud thump.  As I’m on the floor trying to retrieve it, my daughter rushes into the room in a slight panic.  She’s startled to find me on the floor (at first she couldn’t see me at all).  “Are you alright”? she inquires alarmingly.  “Yea, Yea, I’m not dead yet and it may be a while”   I replied.  You see, I had decided to pick up everything else that I’d dropped in the last few days while I was down there.  Doesn’t everyone do that?  “Use your head, save your Knees!!”  We had a good laugh.

Cudos to the Crew, Divas, Dudes, and Dudettes (hope I didn’t leave anyone out) running the show there in Kauai and around the world.  I have studied some of this material here, there and yonder, but the way this material is compiled is a fuse.  A fuse that has more and more powder added each week until….


You’re hit all at once with the realization of what you’ve known all along.

I wake up grateful for the new day and another opportunity to use my uniqueness, sharing kindness and love with other people.  Knowing I am intuitively and harmoniously one with the universe.



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