Week 20: The Happy Tool Box

With snow on the ground outside, I settled in for the weekly webinar next to a warm fire in the fireplace.  I was very comfortable enjoying not only the created environment, but especially the thoughts and guidance that the MKMMA team dished out.

I did feel a little guilty enjoying that time.  But I ask myself, WHY?

Comfort is an interesting concept.  We don’t have to experience things ourselves to be able to feel comfortable or for that fact, uncomfortable.

I learned about Mirror Neurons this week.  These neurons fire whether we see “it” or actually “do it”.  And they can tie us to other’s feelings.

Now I understood why I couldn’t watch a boxing match comfortably.  Even though I understand the sport and scoring, I always had a strong emotional response to the punches.  My son tried wrestling at a young age–we have a great program here for the youth–I could barely watch.  I felt, what I was seeing.

I’ve learned to be grateful for more than just the obvious, by changing my perspective.  If something negative occurs, I can be grateful (as Mark J suggested) for the seed of greater opportunity that manifests.

But what about:  Anger, Fear, Guilt, Hurt Feelings, Unworthiness

Can we turn these uncomfortable emotions into tools?  This is what I came up with during a sit.  I have already had to apply a few, and it’s always preceded with a deep cleansing breath.

Here’s a matching game.  Take the Uncomfortable emotion and Match to the new Comfort Tool

A.  Fear         B.  Anger      C.   Guilt      D.  Hurt Feelings     E.  Unworthiness

______  self admiration, acceptance,love, and encouragement

______  humble wisdom, graciousness, and kindness

______  tenacious determination

______  compassionate understanding

______  loving unconditional forgiveness


What you come up with may be different, and that’s OK.  And for goodness sakes DO NOT get out a red pencil and score yourself!!!    E,C,A,B,D

It’s our choice to decide what tools we use in life.  I choose the one’s in the Happy Tool Box.


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