Music True to One’s Nature, in Harmony — Be the Observer

Tonight I met with good friends…where else but Stooges Restaurant ‘where great music happens.’  Also great food–baby back ribs, fresh chips, and just made coconut cream pie, still warm with lots of meringue.

The Dan Martin Band was there.  This guy is unique, down home, and an easy listen.  His songs create impressions with which everyone can identify.  My favorite was about about the WWII naval cannon now gracing the yard in front of an elementary school.

I hesitate to make comparisons because his music is his own.  As he began his first song, I asked myself,

“Are there some hills in Oklahoma I’ve missed?”  It must have been the dynamic mandeline that reminded me of the music of the mountains.  The harmony they created was a perfect “Poetic Melody”, as described on his website .  And with that I found myself putting my feet up and sitting back in my chair to get “a good listen”.

I just couldn’t shake the notion, that its about time for a new musical story teller to be “on the block.”  A favorite of mine is John Prine.  Thanks Dan Martin, Cody Woody, and Jake Flint for the more than pleasurable evening of superb music.

Watch for The Dan Martin Band coming to a venue near you!



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