Happiness Can Be Getting Stranded in Paradise

Lots of changes and decisions to be made

I decided last year to leave a part time job–I enjoyed it, but it was hard for me physically and required more travel than was good for my family.

I made my decision and was happy, but now have been pulled back into working.  Two sessions, good money, and I had fun.  I really missed my compatriots and it was like a home coming to see them again.  I appreciated the gratitude expressed for a job well done.

Wow–that’s reinforcement to go back!!  I was actually thinking of jumping back into the “business”.  Until late last night after working.

I have been laid up and hurting since then with an active injury.  Had to cancel my tennis today, which is one activity I eagerly look forward to playing.

I can barely walk.  I am getting better and moving with less pain. But…..

do I take this as a sign that I’m done with that position?  Because I am not Happy when I hurt.  Who IS.

It’s amazing how while resting up today message after message came to me through different means.  Do what makes you happy. OK that’s easy enough.

I watched a movie on the Hallmark network called, “Stranded in Paradise”.  In one scene the star has lost her job after expecting to receive a promotion. Then after a week interlude of being unemployed,  she is called back by the boss who has realized his company cannot function without her expertise and offered the promotion plus pay raise.  Just what she had wanted.

She declined the position and when asked why replied,  “It won’t make me happy.”

How enlightening.  No longer was she going to do what she thought she should, but now was going to take the leap into the unknown, outside the normal, and take a chance on finding her nirvana here on earth.  Shouldn’t we all be so enlightened.

So with that I will find someone that can use my uniforms and politely decline working.  There is something else out there for me and I will find it!


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