To Opine or Not to Opine

I do a lot of reviews for the places I patronize.  Many of them are with Trip Advisor and some are directly with the businesses.  I remember what Gramma used to tell me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”   Well, I’ve always applied this line of thinking to my reviews.  When I am silent, then you know my opinion is not good!

I don’t care what anybody tells me about how bad or distasteful something is.  There has to be a redeeming quality hidden somewhere.  It may be a mystery.  If I was put in a room full of horse poop, rather than complain, I’d be the one needing a shovel.  Because I’d be sure there was a pony in there somewhere.

One key word that comes to mind is Observation.  This includes the entire experience.  Not just what we see, but what we feel, smell, anticipate, or an expectation.  Anything less is just fear of disappointment.

With an expectation of a pleasurable outcome, we observe and anticipate the positive. When I’m disappointed, I allow the folks in charge to do their best to help remedy the situation rather than trying to tell them what to do.

I was writing a review for a hotel in Cardiff, Wales and read a few of the recent reviews before adding mine.  I was surprised that someone had had the exacted same experience as we had, but with a much different attitude and outcome.

We checked in and got into our room to find that we were freezing and could not get the room temp adjusted to a comfortable level.  We realized that was partially due to our slow acclimation to the environment.  Upon calling the desk for help, we were supplied with a solution.  The porter brought us warm blankets (they were actually warm) and then offered to give us a different room.  We were so delighted with the blankets, (they must have heated them in a warmer unit or heated dryer) and having so much fun in the toasty comfort, we didn’t need or want a different room.

So whatever situation you find yourself involved, be the observer and look beyond your focal point.  There is always something good out there, or in there to be found.  It may be a mystery, but worth the effort to solve.

And yes I did share my warm, toasty blanket experience in the review.  May we always joyfully accept the blessings presented to us.child-and-warm-blanket


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