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Happiness Can Be Getting Stranded in Paradise

Lots of changes and decisions to be made

I decided last year to leave a part time job–I enjoyed it, but it was hard for me physically and required more travel than was good for my family.

I made my decision and was happy, but now have been pulled back into working.  Two sessions, good money, and I had fun.  I really missed my compatriots and it was like a home coming to see them again.  I appreciated the gratitude expressed for a job well done.

Wow–that’s reinforcement to go back!!  I was actually thinking of jumping back into the “business”.  Until late last night after working.

I have been laid up and hurting since then with an active injury.  Had to cancel my tennis today, which is one activity I eagerly look forward to playing.

I can barely walk.  I am getting better and moving with less pain. But…..

do I take this as a sign that I’m done with that position?  Because I am not Happy when I hurt.  Who IS.

It’s amazing how while resting up today message after message came to me through different means.  Do what makes you happy. OK that’s easy enough.

I watched a movie on the Hallmark network called, “Stranded in Paradise”.  In one scene the star has lost her job after expecting to receive a promotion. Then after a week interlude of being unemployed,  she is called back by the boss who has realized his company cannot function without her expertise and offered the promotion plus pay raise.  Just what she had wanted.

She declined the position and when asked why replied,  “It won’t make me happy.”

How enlightening.  No longer was she going to do what she thought she should, but now was going to take the leap into the unknown, outside the normal, and take a chance on finding her nirvana here on earth.  Shouldn’t we all be so enlightened.

So with that I will find someone that can use my uniforms and politely decline working.  There is something else out there for me and I will find it!


Music True to One’s Nature, in Harmony — Be the Observer

Tonight I met with good friends…where else but Stooges Restaurant ‘where great music happens.’  Also great food–baby back ribs, fresh chips, and just made coconut cream pie, still warm with lots of meringue.

The Dan Martin Band was there.  This guy is unique, down home, and an easy listen.  His songs create impressions with which everyone can identify.  My favorite was about about the WWII naval cannon now gracing the yard in front of an elementary school.

I hesitate to make comparisons because his music is his own.  As he began his first song, I asked myself,

“Are there some hills in Oklahoma I’ve missed?”  It must have been the dynamic mandeline that reminded me of the music of the mountains.  The harmony they created was a perfect “Poetic Melody”, as described on his website .  And with that I found myself putting my feet up and sitting back in my chair to get “a good listen”.

I just couldn’t shake the notion, that its about time for a new musical story teller to be “on the block.”  A favorite of mine is John Prine.  Thanks Dan Martin, Cody Woody, and Jake Flint for the more than pleasurable evening of superb music.

Watch for The Dan Martin Band coming to a venue near you!


Week 23: The Law of Least Effort

I’m out visiting my dad again and he gave me his ticket for the Kristen Chenoweth concert with the OKC Philharmonic.  What a unexpected treat.  She is such a lovely person and quite a dynamic talent.  This was a coming home concert for her and she showed her appreciation and gratitude to her mentors, teachers, students, and the people of Oklahoma.  My favorite song was a tie between Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Little Sparrow.  Please, please look this up and check out her music.  She is a true all round performer.  “Music is my life, and is how I share love.”  I paraphrased this but she uses her music to share happiness and comfort.

I must give a shout out and much thanks to Devon Energy for funding the event and Sonic (her absolute favorite place) for their support.  Without gifts such as theirs concerts like this one would be fewer and father between.

This week I was traveling and couldn’t get on the webinar even by phone!  I eagerly awaited the post of the recording and was surprised again by the content.  Marvelous it was.

My husband frequents our local library so I had to pick up some extra reading.  My pick last week was Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Well to my surprise I was more than prepare for the webinar.

The chapter that hit closes to home for me was the Law of Least Effort.  Sounds like something everyone would strive to reach doesn’t it.  It’s only three parts; acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness (detachment).

  1. Accept this moment as it is, committing to it because it is as it should be.  “You accept things as they are, not as you wish they were in this moment”  D. Chopra
  2.  “Responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself.”  D. Chopra
  3.  Once you practice defenselessness (detachment) you no longer need to defend your point of view.  If this is practiced, there can be no argument.  And you gain enormous amounts of energy that otherwise would have been wasted.

What if we could all do this consistently?

One quote from D Chopra’s friend that I really liked follows.

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift.  That is why this moment is called ‘the present’.”

Please relax and take the 9:39 to watch this Hero’s Journey.  You’ll hear his lovely song, FIREFLIES.  It’s special to me because my Precious Caleigh gave me the CD and said, “You’ll like this.”  And I did.


Week 21: Finding and Being Happy

When you are a young, before influences invade the psyche, you know exactly what you want to do and be.

Now of course we all know that this changes, might I say, often enthusiastically, as we see, learn, and experience new things.

But why do so many folks just let go of their dreams, placing them on the shelf?   Often forgetting where they are and what they were.

New opportunities come along luring us in different directions.  Sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

Having done many things and having had three totally, different professions,  I still am looking for “me”.

Where is that carefree, fun loving, mischievous person I once was?  Bowing to job expectations and others opinions, sometimes I don’t know who I have become.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m still me and I like myself.  My mom would say I just grew up.  But like Peter Pan,  I wish in some ways I didn’t have to do so.

I’ve learned over the years that if I keep “banging my head against the wall” in an attempt to accomplish something, perhaps I need to change directions.  Duh?!

Not every thought or idea is what we need to attempt.  We should dream big, but realize that the dream may need adjusting and refining from time to time.  And that’s OK.

By releasing our pride and letting go of preconceived notions, things will miraculously fall into place.  Patience is a big part of it too.  I have to remind myself that the journey is “by” the compass, not “on” the clock.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance has brought about an awareness within me.  I am so grateful for the big,    no,    massive   push I have been given.  I feel as if my true self has been a mere painting in progress all these years.  Definitely an oil painting.  Slow to dry, easily smudged, and so graciously painted over and repaired as needed.

My daughter made an observation  about me that I never realized.  The evidence goes back for years.  It caught me totally off guard.  I never would have recognized this in me and I surely wouldn’t have chosen England as a trip destination if my son wasn’t living there.

Yes, she called me an Anglophile.  Then she so politely informed me, “Mom you are,  you love all things English!”

My time in England was exhilarating.  Still the memories are tender and fresh.

Finding comes from within.  Permit yourself to Be what you find.  Then your journey to find your true self will lead you to your successful destination.

Happiness is all along the way.  As Gramma used to say, “Keep your eyes peeled.   Or you might miss something!”

You can be what you will to be, and that includes HAPPY.