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wk 1, Getting It Right

I tell myself to DO IT Now.

But I’m still late.

And yet as I struggle within myself to manage the accomplishment of my desires, needs, and must do’s, I know that acceptance of whatever head way I make is good and necessary.

The habit is forming and sustainable.

No red pen here.

No chastising, just encouragement for a better next time.

Two words I really like are perseverance and sustainability.

In the journey I let go of apprehension and criticism, absorbing and embracing the new emerging me.



August 24, 2016


“I am prepared to control whatever personality awakes in me each day.  Today, I control my destiny”

These are the words of Og Mandino.

What if—-these were the words on the “chalk board” in every classroom?

Would it make a difference in the behavior of the students?  I think it would.

Reviving the practice of repetition of thought allows the application to be automatic.  Whether the individual is of maturity to understand the statement doesn’t matter.  Reading it and hearing it enough times the meaning comes through.  And with the meaning a pride in knowing we have self control.

Personal responsibility.  No excuses.

As human beings we are great because we have the consciousness to know what is moral, ethical, and decent.  If we question whether our thought or action is appropriate, we have already answered the question.

There is no try, only doing you best.  We are all endowed with unique talents waiting to emerge from within us.  We can be good or we can be great.  The choice is ours.

Week 23: The Law of Least Effort

I’m out visiting my dad again and he gave me his ticket for the Kristen Chenoweth concert with the OKC Philharmonic.  What a unexpected treat.  She is such a lovely person and quite a dynamic talent.  This was a coming home concert for her and she showed her appreciation and gratitude to her mentors, teachers, students, and the people of Oklahoma.  My favorite song was a tie between Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Little Sparrow.  Please, please look this up and check out her music.  She is a true all round performer.  “Music is my life, and is how I share love.”  I paraphrased this but she uses her music to share happiness and comfort.

I must give a shout out and much thanks to Devon Energy for funding the event and Sonic (her absolute favorite place) for their support.  Without gifts such as theirs concerts like this one would be fewer and father between.

This week I was traveling and couldn’t get on the webinar even by phone!  I eagerly awaited the post of the recording and was surprised again by the content.  Marvelous it was.

My husband frequents our local library so I had to pick up some extra reading.  My pick last week was Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Well to my surprise I was more than prepare for the webinar.

The chapter that hit closes to home for me was the Law of Least Effort.  Sounds like something everyone would strive to reach doesn’t it.  It’s only three parts; acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness (detachment).

  1. Accept this moment as it is, committing to it because it is as it should be.  “You accept things as they are, not as you wish they were in this moment”  D. Chopra
  2.  “Responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself.”  D. Chopra
  3.  Once you practice defenselessness (detachment) you no longer need to defend your point of view.  If this is practiced, there can be no argument.  And you gain enormous amounts of energy that otherwise would have been wasted.

What if we could all do this consistently?

One quote from D Chopra’s friend that I really liked follows.

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift.  That is why this moment is called ‘the present’.”

Please relax and take the 9:39 to watch this Hero’s Journey.  You’ll hear his lovely song, FIREFLIES.  It’s special to me because my Precious Caleigh gave me the CD and said, “You’ll like this.”  And I did.


Week 22: Shhhhh, It’s Quiet Time

I had a wonderful experience this week.  I met up with a fellow MKMMAer.  We talked for over 3 hours.  It was outstanding and so very interesting to listen to her experiences in the program.  Our blogs only tell part of our stories.  What surprised me most is how very much alike we are.

Yes,  there are of course many differences,  but also many similarities.  I truly wish for everyone in the class, to have the opportunity to meet some of the others taking this journey.  Of course many of you will attend the retreat and it will be grand.

I also had an experience where I applied my knowledge of self control and forgiveness.

Yes, you might have guessed, it was on the tennis courts.  After the match my partner was still upset about a misunderstanding on the score.  We straightened it out immediately,  but for some reason my partner could not release the emotion she felt.

We talked after the match because she was still a little upset.  I shared how her apology could only be offered.  She could not make the other gal accept it, nor could she control the reaction of the other gal.  And that the apology was really for her, to release the negative emotions.

My partnered smiled and thanked me.  It seemed to help her put her emotions in perspective.

The challenge this week of spending time in quiet solitude and contemplation is proving to  be tough for me.  So wishing everyone great joy and realization.    Shhhhhh…..It’s quiet time.


Week 20: The Happy Tool Box

With snow on the ground outside, I settled in for the weekly webinar next to a warm fire in the fireplace.  I was very comfortable enjoying not only the created environment, but especially the thoughts and guidance that the MKMMA team dished out.

I did feel a little guilty enjoying that time.  But I ask myself, WHY?

Comfort is an interesting concept.  We don’t have to experience things ourselves to be able to feel comfortable or for that fact, uncomfortable.

I learned about Mirror Neurons this week.  These neurons fire whether we see “it” or actually “do it”.  And they can tie us to other’s feelings.

Now I understood why I couldn’t watch a boxing match comfortably.  Even though I understand the sport and scoring, I always had a strong emotional response to the punches.  My son tried wrestling at a young age–we have a great program here for the youth–I could barely watch.  I felt, what I was seeing.

I’ve learned to be grateful for more than just the obvious, by changing my perspective.  If something negative occurs, I can be grateful (as Mark J suggested) for the seed of greater opportunity that manifests.

But what about:  Anger, Fear, Guilt, Hurt Feelings, Unworthiness

Can we turn these uncomfortable emotions into tools?  This is what I came up with during a sit.  I have already had to apply a few, and it’s always preceded with a deep cleansing breath.

Here’s a matching game.  Take the Uncomfortable emotion and Match to the new Comfort Tool

A.  Fear         B.  Anger      C.   Guilt      D.  Hurt Feelings     E.  Unworthiness

______  self admiration, acceptance,love, and encouragement

______  humble wisdom, graciousness, and kindness

______  tenacious determination

______  compassionate understanding

______  loving unconditional forgiveness


What you come up with may be different, and that’s OK.  And for goodness sakes DO NOT get out a red pencil and score yourself!!!    E,C,A,B,D

It’s our choice to decide what tools we use in life.  I choose the one’s in the Happy Tool Box.

Week 14: Tiny Habits, Dynamic Results

In deciding this week on which movie to watch for my assignment,  I consulted my daughter who loves movies.   Since Legally Blonde, a superb movie about setting goals and achieving ones dreams, was not on the list.  We decided on October Sky and even my husband decided to join us.

This became a lovely, holiday movie night.  My Hubby had never seen it, and it had been quite a while since my daughter had.   I have actually seen this movie at least 10 times, maybe more.  And no, I do not have it memorized!!  Thus the life of a substitute teacher.

This time, I was viewing through new eyes with a totally different perspective.  The Master Keys Master Mind Alliance trained eyes.

Homer, a high school student, upon witnessing the Sputnik satellite in the night sky, became enthralled with building a rocket and launching it.  He was so determined that he risked his social standing to enlisted the help of the “smart/weird” kid.  And then began a master mind with his two best friends joining the quest.  Even though heavily ridiculed and discouraged, Homer set in motion a plan to achieve his goal.  He was like a marine, persevering, adapting and overcoming each obstacle as it presented itself.  He had not only the “I will”, but also the “I can succeed” attitude.  Listening to those that encouraged him and accepting their help.  (He must have had that compass in his pocket somewhere!)

rboys_small  Homer had the help of many adults as they recognized his dream and found a purpose of their own.  Homer’s teacher used the 4 habits of persistence as did the machinist.  Even Homer’s mother persisted in her dreams of living on the beach.

In this year of 2016 resolve to dream YOUR dream and then just DO IT NOW.



Week 12 Changing, Adapting and Thankful


IMG_1736I am amazed that the Master Keys have led me in the direction I’m am going.  After only twelve weeks I can see and feel the changes in me.

Do I get everything done as I expect to?  No.

Do I do my best?  Yes

My purse is crammed full with index cards, my Og book, compass, and magnifying glass.  In my Og book I have miniatures of the Blue Print Builder, In the Flow.., and the Gal In the Glass.  To the last I have a selfie attached just in case I am without a mirror.  I hardly had room for my billfold and passport.  You see I flew out to be with my dad.

While spending nights this last weekend in the hospital with him, (He’s doing great-no worries)  I worked on my assignments, struggling through all the interruptions.  I expressed concern about getting everything completed, explaining to Dad that I had to read some things outloud.  He encouraged me to go ahead.  That he would enjoy it and so he did.  And that led to me gathering a name the old fashioned way.  The night nurse got so excited as I told her about the Mental Diet, the Seven Laws of the Mind, and creating  a definite major purpose.  She plans to be apart of the Master Key Experience in 2016.  WooHoo.  I was amazed at the pleasure and excitement I felt over her genuine interest.

Two more things happened on the way home…a man, younger than me, was unusually chatty as we waited for a shuttle bus.  He actually “began doing push ups on the chairs (no one else was around, raised eyebrow).  My first thought was, “OK this must be a quick workout”, then “was he trying to impress me?”.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been ‘hit on’.  Yikes!

Final thoughts on the matter.  A smile, and a, How Sweet of Him

As I deplaned in St Louis, I hadn’t gotten my bag from the overhead compartment and again a younger gentleman was waiting.  I suggested he go on through as I didn’t want to delay him.  As he passed he said,  “Thank you Miss”.  I just beamed and giggled like a school girl..I had gotten a Miss instead of the usual Ma’m.  What a self-esteem boost!

I have found an inner peace and contentment along with a focus of thought.  Patience and love are present.  Peace to you all.